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Some of the most usual interventions that we offer for heating

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HEATING: COLD RADIATOR REPAIRAgreed/job or £90/hrA cold radiator is a big problem, especially during autumn or winter. An emergency Plumber is able to test and repair the radiator problem. A cold radiator may have several causes, not directly linked with the actual radiator so it is important to inspect and detect all the issues with the heating installation. Read more ..
HEATING: RADIATOR INSTALLATIONAgreed/job or £90/hrSo you need to raise the comfort in a particular corner of your home; a professional 112 plumber can install a new radiator for you. Read more ..
HEATING: RADIATOR LEAK REPAIRAgreed/job or £90/hrA radiator leak is a big problem, especially during autumn or winter. Small drips may not seem all that menacing at first, but a radiator leak can destroy your floor and furniture. Also, over the course of a month the leaks can actually add up to tens of litres of water being wasted. Read more ..
HEATING: RADIATOR REPAIRAgreed/job or £90/hrProblems with one or several radiators? Our plumbers will repair them quickly, cleanly and at very good price Read more ..
HEATING: RADIATOR REPLACEAgreed/job or £90/hrWe can replace old radiators with new ones, make all the connections and tests. Read more ..


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Emergency Plumbing, General plumbing

These guys worked diligently, quickly and extremely hard. Did a high quality and efficient job . Would happily recommend them. ( Paul M. )

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Emergency Plumbing, General plumbing

I was completely satisfied with the work. They did exactly what they said. I would definitely use them again. ( Lyn P. )

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Emergency Plumbing, General plumbing

I would highly recommend (Radu & team). They were able to visit and quote the same day I posted the job and after receiving a competitive quote, I went ahead with them. They were able to start almost straight away, and did a great job. ( Tom S. )

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