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Payments FAQ - Simple and Clear
  • 1. You get your money from client, on your invoice - than you pay us weekly
  • 2. Commisions: Emergency / General plumbing:
    15% (> £1500/jobs/week or minimum 12 jobs/week)
    20% (£1500-£750/week or 6-11 jobs/week)
    23% (< £750/week or less 6 jobs/week).
  • 3. Other terms may apply (read Terms and Conditions on your account): After each job we may call clients to confirm the client is happy; You must call the client in under 15 minutes; You must comply with 112Plumbing's brand & operational procedures.
  • 4. If you act as subcontractor for 112Building jobs (House Extensions, New buildings, Lofts, etc), you will receive the project and will send us your quotation. Once agreed, you will be paid by us.

3. What areas do you cover?

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