Is this an emergency?


Call-out: £45, £90 / hour or Agreed / job
average response time < 60 min.

Contact us for a free estimate. It's simple! 1. Describe problem - 2. Get instant best price!
For complex plumbing jobs we will agree on the price in advance, depending on complexity and duration. Plumbing materials will be paid separately.


Contact us to describe your problem and we will give you an excellent price right away.

Due to various factors involved in "Booked in advance services" we will analyse the whole work that has to be done and we will give you the best price for the entire plumbing job.


Monthly subscription: from £25/month with the main benefit of -10% discount on all plumbing services, 2 free plumber visits/year, and many more!

Read the full list of benefits here (free regular visits, £0(zero) emergency surcharge (only regular price applies even in case of emergency!), call priority, special calendar slots reserved for clients in case of emergency (next day guaranteed intervention), fidelity points, history of the interventions, your personal account, special gifts, etc).


1. You are welcome to contact us in any way that is convenient for you: Email, phone, website form, Facebook page, Google plus page. Remember, we are a 24/7 business (including weekends and bank holidays), so it's not a problem to contact us when you need our plumbing.

2. If you want, you may text, call or use the from the top of the website and we will call you back. Once you describe us the problem we will try to offer you a reasonable cost for the work (time and materials).

3. We defined three areas, named 112Areas A,B and C, depending on the time to reach your door.
For properties situated in 112Area A (examples: South London, SW London, SE London, Croydon, Mitcham, Richmond, Weybridge, Leatherhead, Sevenoaks, etc) we can be at your door in 30-60 minutes. For 112Area B: 60-90 minutes. Zone 3: 90+ minutes. Please understand that in certain cases this time may be reasonably increased by traffic factors; however, in max. 15 minutes after we receive your distress call we will be equipped and armed with all the tools, specially selected to solve your specific plumbing problem.
The detailed list of areas and time to reach you is available in this web site and is updated continuously.

4. Once the team is at your property, we will make a secondary assessment of the work and materials involved. Once we agree on this terms, we can proceed and solve your plumbing problem.

5. When the work is done we will give you the final instructions and recommendations to prevent any future problems.

6. We will give you the invoice, as agreed and you will pay it, - usually cash. If you are in possession of one or several "Gift coupons" or "Promotional codes" issued by 112Plumbing, you may use them to pay the invoice (partially or totally)

7. We wish you well and we hope we just started a long-term relationship based on trust and quality. As many of our clients already said it, maybe we will become your new home plumber.

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