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Plumber services: Kitchen

Some of the most usual interventions that we offer for kitchen

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ServicePriceDescriptionPlumbing details
KITCHEN: DISHWASHER INSTALLAgreed/job or £90/hrDo you have a brand new dishwasher and want to have it installed quickly and safe? We know how to handle the water pipes, adapters, what connections are needed, where and why to put a safety valve. We will do the entire job of installing the new dishwasher quickly, cleanly, professionally and for a decent price. Read more ..
KITCHEN: DISHWASHER REPLACEAgreed/job or £90/hrDo you need to replace your old dishwasher? We have done that many times. We know how to handle the water pipes, connectors, safety valves (or install them, if they are not present), we know how to check if the age of the plumbing installation will not be a problem in the near future - and if necessary we have the knowledge, experience and tools to create an excellent, safe installation for your new dishwasher machine. Read more ..
KITCHEN: KITCHEN LEAK REPAIRAgreed/job or £90/hrKitchen Leak repairs. Quick, Clean, Affordable. Read more ..
KITCHEN: KITCHEN REPAIRAgreed/job or £90/hr
KITCHEN: KITCHEN SINK UNBLOCKAgreed/job or £90/hrWe unblock blocked kitchen sinks. Read more ..
KITCHEN: SLOWLY DRAINING KITCHEN SINKAgreed/job or £90/hrWe unblock blocked kitchen sinks. Read more ..
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