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Big or small, a water leak is not something that any homeowner wants to deal with. Small drips may not seem all that menacing at first, but over the course of a month they can actually add up to tens of litres of water being wasted. Unfortunately, since most of your plumbing system is hidden behind walls and beneath floors, you might not even be aware you have a leak until it becomes a much larger problem. 

Water leaks tend to be very subtle at first. Unless a pipe ruptures or your water pressure drops dramatically, you probably won’t even notice it until you have an emergency. There are signs to watch out for however, and if you do suspect a water leak, then 112 Plumbing will be there to conduct a professional water leak detection service to find, diagnose, and repair the leak. 

It’s vital that you have professional water leak detection services done if you suspect a leak within your plumbing system, however the job doesn’t end there. Once the exact location and the cause of the leak are discovered, then it needs to be fixed to prevent further damage. If you neglect a leak within your system, you could very likely run into a bigger plumbing emergency later on down the road. 

Water leaks are more serious than many homeowners may realize. If they occur over an extended period of time, then they have the potential to rot out the area around the pipes in which they’re occurring, causing increased damage that will cost you more as the problem worsens. The average homeowner typically doesn’t notice the leak itself, but rather a large moldy spot on a wall or floor that the leak is behind. This is why it’s essential that you call our certified plumbers at the first sign of a problem.


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Radu was very prompt and competitive with his quote. Job started and finished on time to a very good standard. Would use Radu & Co again. ( Shane D. )

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Emergency Plumbing, General plumbing

Excellent work. It is difficult to find good tradespeople and Radu has been excellent and a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended ( Vic M. )

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Emergency Plumbing, General plumbing

I was very happy with Radu and 112Plumbing and would certainly recommend them further. Work was done to a high standard and in time. ( Adrian P. )

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